Who Is a Deadbeat Parent?

Kids don’t choose to be born, and they don’t get to choose who their parents are. The truth of the matter is that some mothers and fathers don’t take proper parental responsibility for their kids, which may result in them being viewed as a deadbeat mother or father. A deeper analysis reveals why some parents shirk their duties and what should be done about it.

Origin of “Deadbeat Parent"

The term “deadbeat parent” comes from advocacy groups for child support. Additional terms that mean the same thing are “dead broke” and “turnip”, because you cannot get blood from a turnip, nor can you get money from a deadbeat parent. In 1998, the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act was conceived. The federal law applies when a parent is behind on support for a child in a different state.

Not Always a Deadbeat

It’s also essential to consider the fact that just because a person fits the definition of a deadbeat parent does not automatically make him or her a deadbeat. Some parents want to take financial responsibility for their children but find themselves unable to. The loss of a job and debt are just two situations that can cause a parent to inadvertently fall behind on child support payments.

Child Support Modifications

When a child support lawyer is involved, parents have a better idea of which legal options offer a favorable solution for everyone. Parents unable to pay child support can request a modification that reduces the amount of support owed. Federal persecution via the DPP Act, wage garnishment, and jail time are legal options for truly deadbeat parents who dodge child support.

Understanding the Deadbeat Problem

Parents who are behind on child support and parents owed child support should get the full picture of their situation, as well as know what legal options are available to them. At the end of the day, it is vital for parents to focus on what is best for the children and strive to have a relationship with them. Kids need more than financial support to lead healthy lives.